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The Church of God International in St. Petersburg, FL.

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Celebrate the Sabbath with us

We meet behind Cracker Barrel:

Holiday Inn and Suites
2171 54th Ave North
St.Petersburg Fl 33714
                                              Exit 26 at 275                                      


                                        Upcoming Guest speakers


Second Sabbath of the every Month (tentative):
Guest Speaker and CGI minister Morgan Pinkerman.
Potluck to follow. Join us and keep the Sabbath Holy.



Visit these pages often for upcoming messages and sermons.

* Unless otherwise noted, meeting time is 11:00 A.M

For other Florida Speaker Schedules, Visit The Florida StateWide website: https://www.floridacgi.org


Note: Sermons and messages from previous Feasts of Tabernacles can be seen by going to https://www.cgi.org/fot or click here